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How to View All Your Comments on YouTube

YouTube is not just a video sharing website. It has grown over the years into a huge community of people, and nowhere is that more evident than in the videos’ comment section.

In this way the videos can be seen as conversation starters which may lead to meaningful and thriving discussions while also opening the door to the unavoidable evils that we often see littered there.

As such it’s not surprising that it may be necessary at some point for you to want to review some of your comments rather than the video that sparked them in the first place. Probably it’s something you’d wish to repeat elsewhere, like on another video, or it could be a way of just finding a particular video that you watched but can’t remember its title.

Whichever the reason, the good news is that you can actually view all your comment history on YouTube; though I can’t promise finding a specific comment is going to be easy, especially if you happen to be quite the prolific one in the comment section.

To view your entire comment history, do the following.

View Entire YouTube Comment  History

1. Go to YouTube and log into your account first.  If you’re already logged in and have multiple Google Accounts, make sure to first switch to the one you wish to view the comments.

Also if you have multiple channels under the same or different accounts, make sure you switch to the right channel.

2. In YouTube’s Homepage, check the sidebar and under Library select History.

You can also scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a History button.

If you’re on any other page (e.g. My Videos, Creator Studio) you can also access the History option anytime by revealing the sidebar menu from the three horizontal lines button on your top left.

3. In the History page you’ll find three tabs – Watch History, Search History and Comments. To view your entire comment history, select the Comments tab.

Doing that should reveal a page with all your comments sorted in chronological order – from the latest down to your first comment. At the top of each comment, YouTube displays a linked title of the video where you left the comment/reply.

From the same page you can also edit or delete any comment by revealing the comment menu at the top end of each comment.ADVERTISEMENTS

Finding a Particular Comment

As I alluded to earlier, finding a specific comment in this page may prove difficult if you happen to have tons of comments. Sadly, YouTube does not provide any kind of sorting, filter or search functionality to find particular comments. I guess you’ll just have to utilize your eyes pretty well here.

If that proves to be too much for you, a neat trick I could think of is viewing the page source then using Ctrl + F to find particular words from the source.

Most modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome and even IE should allow you to view the page source by using the shortcut Ctrl + U or just right-clicking on the page and choosing View page source or View Source.

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